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Big Bucks Gun & Pawn is a buying institution as much as it is a lending institution. If you have valuable items that you are no longer wanting to keep and want extra cash, allow our licensed Pawnbrokers to make you an instant cash offer!

Benefits of Selling:

  • Instant Cash In Hand!

  • Safe and Professional Location!

  • Free Professional Appraisal by a Licensed Pawnbroker!

Risks of Selling:

  • NONE!

10 Items Big Bucks Loves To Buy:
  1. Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

  2. Diamonds, Gems, Jewelry & Watches

  3. Firearms

  4. Power Tools

  5. Electronics/Video Games & Equipment

  6. Outdoor Lawn Equipment

  7. Musical Instruments

  8. High End Fashion Items (Purses, Sunglasses, Etc.)

  9. Sporting Goods (Hunting Equipment, Bikes, Etc.)

  10. DVD's, Games & Blu Rays

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